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Spotlight: Russian Nesting Dolls

Posted by 1s1ah

This is definitely one of my more unique items.  I’m bummed that I really have no information on them, but they’re cool none-the-less. Whomever the artist is did a great job with the likenesses.


Spotlight: 1986 Old Style Souvenir Cup

Posted by 1s1ah

One of my favorite types of items to pick up are stadium giveaways.

This is an autographed mug that was sponsored by Old Style beer.  The first 10,000 fans 21 & older received one upon arriving at the Pontiac Silverdome to see the Pistons take on the Chicago Bulls on 1/15/86, and again on 1/29/86 when Dominique Wilkins and the Atlanta Hawks came to town.

Fun fact: The Pistons won both of these games.

Spotlight: 2014-15 National Treasures Gold Logoman

Posted by 1s1ah

The good:

*It’s unique.  Points for originality.
*Overall appealing design.
*The image is crisp and not over-filtered.
*Nice use of gold foil on a black card design.
*On card autograph

The bad:

*Way too thick, hard to store.
*The metal logoman makes the card pretty heavy.  Why does a card need a piece of metal anyways?
*Black cards are prone to chipping on the corners and sides.  These seem to be no exception.
*The silver paint pen doesn’t allow for a crisp autograph.
*Boring card back.

Panini tried something a bit different with these.  Overall, I’m not a fan.  It would be so much nicer if it was a regular thickness, and replace the recessed gold metal logoman with a simple gold foil stamped logoman and reduce the print run the 25 or less.

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