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Isiah having positive impact with Liberty

Posted by 1s1ah

The biggest difference that Laimbeer has noticed with Thomas in the fold is that Dolan shows up to games and is involved.

“I didn’t see him for two years, he never came to a game. He pays attention and is involved now,” Laimbeer said. “He comes to games, but also it is internally in staff, ticket sales. They are very aware that he is paying attention to the Liberty. Everyone else knows we have to pay attention to the Liberty also, that’s a huge positive.”

“That may not have happened without Isiah being here.”

Thomas has been active behind the scenes. He talks with the Liberty’s marketing partners and helped the team hire a public relations firm to plan a celebration of New York’s 20th anniversary next year. He’s gotten 29 of the team’s 34 games on television — the most since 2007. He also has gotten the Liberty additional player and team resources. New York hired former star Teresa Weatherspoon as a director of player development — the first in the league. New York has also hired a sports psychologist as well as a career transition consultant to help the players prepare for life after basketball.

“We’re just trying to push the envelope,” Thomas said. “Get things done.” …Link

Mitchell & Ness Done Goofed

Posted by 1s1ah

Now granted, this is a cool picture, but most definitely flawed.  How can anyone in their right mind put Karl Malone’s one-and-done season in L.A., where he wore #11, over Isiah Thomas’ career at his iconic number. Admittedly I’m a tad biased, but I think most NBA fans would answer Isiah if asked about the first player to come to mind at that number.

The only explanation I can offer for this gross oversight was that the fine people at Mitchell & Ness felt Karl Malone should be on the list somewhere but couldn’t justify giving him the #32 jersey number spot over Magic Johnson?

ESPN gives Isiah & Joe Top 10 All-Time Rank

Posted by 1s1ah

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton devised a formula in which to rank the top guard duos of all-times (post ABA merger).  Now, let me go on record as to say I’m no fan of advanced statistics, but I do like seeing historical praise for Isiah and Joe for a national readership.  Spoiler alert, they’re ranked 4th.  A little biased (okay, a lot biased) but I cannot justify any duo ranked above the Bad Boys’ backcourt, but you can get statistics to say anything you wan them to, so I’ll begrudgingly take the top 5 rank.

No guard teammates combined for more All-Star appearances together than Dumars and Thomas, who are both Hall of Famers. Subjectively, those honors plus a pair of titles would put them near the very top of most backcourt rankings. Dumars doesn’t score as well by WARP, though, and that costs Detroit’s duo on this list.

Interestingly too that the 2004 champs, Rip and Mr. Big shot, round out the top 10.  Deeetroooiiitttt Bas-ket-ballll!

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