I’ve collected any-and-everything Isiah Thomas related since around 1988 or so.  I guess in collecting circles I would be labeled an Isiah Thomas “super” collector.

Growing up in the Metro Detroit area Isiah was a larger-than-life figure and my boyhood idol.  I still look up to him today due to the emphasis he places on education and his continued charitable efforts even after retirement from basketball.

A collection spanning that many years would require a Palace (pun intended) to display. I don’t have that…yet. Until I do, I figured I could use the internet to display my collection for when I want to take a stroll down memory lane back to when Zeke was leading the Pistons to NBA prominence. I’ve also chose to include a blog as the front page because I love talking collectibles almost as much as acquiring them.

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*It probably should be mentioned that this site has no official affiliation with Isiah Thomas.  I’d encourage you  to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and through his work with his charity Mary’s Court.

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