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Here we go again …

For what it’s worth ESPN’s ranking the 100 NBA players to ever play.  They’ve got Zeke ranked pretty low in my opinion…#26.  I’m not big on advanced stats.  They can keep their usage rates, metrics, algorithms, Pythagorean theorems, and pie charts.  As time goes by, more and more of these rankings are being done by guys too young to have actually seen Isiah compete, so they come up with artificial ways to rank greatness.  The number that matters most is 94-feet, the length of the court, and what Isiah was able to accomplish in between those end lines.   Isiah was among the very best in arguably the most competitive era of basketball.  No disrespect to the guys that will rank ahead of Isiah, but they would be picked after him if you were a competent general manager that wanted to win.

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