Spotlight: 2012-13 Flawless All-Star Ink

Posted by 1s1ah

I should start by saying I really like the overall design of this card, that’s why it pains me that it’s so all over the map. I’m kind of a stickler for accuracy and this card is just a head scratcher.

The picture (I believe) is from 1988 while the card, for some reason, calls to attention Isiah’s last all-star appearance in 1993.  On the back of the card Zeke’s 1986 All-Star MVP performance is highlighted??  This card would easily higher on my list if they’d have just chosen one year to highlight.  It’s also a shame that this card doesn’t have a red foil parallel.  Not sure why.  All I know is that red foil is usually the best looking with the Pistons unis, and would have worked equally well with the all-star jersey.

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