Spotlight: 1996 Collector’s Edge Time Warp TW7 Sample

Posted by 1s1ah

I picked up this addition to the collection recently.  It’s a sample version of the Isiah Thomas/Kerry Kittle 1996 Collector’s Edge Hard Court Time Warp #TW7.  The front of the card looks to be like the other non foil stamped versions, but the back has a hand written “sample” across the sequential number.  Faintly visible is a /1000 numbering where the number on the left side has a AU prefix indicating that it was an autographed version.  The wasn’t an autographed version of this card, but there was a /1000 version of the TW6 with Iverson.

These are the type of pick ups I love adding to my collection.  Who knows how many other copies, if any, exist of this card.

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